Fetal bovine serum


Fetal bovine serum, South Africa Premium,

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Formato:100 ml
Bovine serum is the blood fraction remaining after the natural coagulation of blood, followed by centrifugation to remove any remaining red blood cells. The production of bovine serum at PAN-Biotech is tightly controlled, from the collection of serum at the slaughterhouse and throughout the whole production cycle which is performed without exception in our own production facilities in Aidenbach, Germany. All serum lots are virus and mycoplasma tested.

Fetal bovine serum, South Africa Premium, Virus and mycoplasma tested


Fetal bovine serum, South America, Virus and mycoplasma tested

FBS Biotech, US origin tested according EMEA 1793 and Ph.Eur.2262

Calf serum - newborn, Virus and mycoplasma tested

Fetal bovine serum, South Africa, Virus and mycoplasma tested